LaDecence Hijabs & Accessories

LaDecence Hijabs & Accessories:

LaDecence Hijabs and Accessories is all about discovering a new world of elegance,modesty and decency.

LaDence Hijabs and Accessories is owned by a very hardworking lady. She doesn’t have any physical presence but  she is doing great and making other people realize that in this fast growing world you just need courage and determination to start an online business.

Many companies failed to provide a good customer service and thus their sales decrease and sometimes totally finished. But this lady is providing great customer service. She kept on updating his customers about the delivery of their stock.

Hijab designs are great. They have awesome quality, the quality which everyone would like to have. But don’t think that she is charging much, the prices are very low as compared with other hijabi companies. It’s the human phychy that he demands best quality at lower price and i assure that you will find this combination at LaDecence Hijabs & Accessories.

The review of people is very good and for a proof i am uploading the following video:

In the end i would like to wish her Best of Luck for her business. May your business grow more day by day.

To buy hijab visit their website:

Ladecence Hijabs & Accessories

Facebook Fanpage



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Budget 2011-2012: Some Highlighted Points

Budget 2011-2012 Pakistan important points approved of Pakistan parliament.  Budget 2011-2012 of Pakistan is not a people friendly budget. Lot of new taxes are implemented in Budget 2011-2012 by finance ministry (FBR) Government of Pakistan. Following are the important points of Budget 2011-2012 in Pakistan.

Public Service Development Program (PSDP) —- Rs 730 bn (up 58%)
Development Budget for National Highway Authority (NHA) — Rs 71 bn (up 106%)
Development Budget for Federal Ministries —- Rs 158 bn (up 59%)
Development Budget for Special Program — Rs 33 bn (up 45%)
Development Budget for Special Areas — Rs 28 bn (up 21%)
Development Budget for IRRA — Rs 10 bn (up 38 %)

Break up of PSDP:
Development Budget for Federation has been allocated at Rs 300 bn. Its 57 % of will be spent on infrastructure development; 42 % on Social Sector; Rs16 bn for Education and Higher Education: Rs16.9 bn for Health; Rs20.5 bn for Bhasha Dam; Rs 10.8 for Neelum Jehlum Hydro Power Project; Rs14.6 for Guddu Steam Power and; Rs13.9 have been allocated for Chichuki Miliyan Combined Cycle Power

  • New taxes of Rs 110 Billion rupees will be implemented.
  • GST will be decreased from 17 % to 16 %
  • 10 % increase in Salaries of government emplyees
  • federal exercise duty on cigaret  is removed
  • Prices of Suger , textile items and gas will increase.
  • 70 billion rupees will be collected by removing sales tax discounts.
  • 50 billion will be collected by implementing Gas Levy .
  • Capital gain tax will be relaxed (removed or deferred)for small investor in stock exchange.
  • 300 Billion rupees will be saved from government institutes after reforms.
  • Energy sector losses will be removed and this will save government Rs 160 Billion.
  • 10% will be saved from public welfare projects.
  • Federal government employees to gain 30 % salary increase in Budget 2011 & 2012
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E-business is a term used to describe businesses run on the Internet, or utilizing Internet technologies to improve the productivity or profitability of a business. In a more general sense, the term may be used to describe any form of electronic business —- that is to say, any business which utilizes a computer. This usage is somewhat archaic, however, and in most contexts ebusiness refers exclusively to Internet businesses.

The most common implementation of ebusiness is as an additional, or in some cases primary, storefront. By selling products and services online, an ebusiness is able to reach a much wider consumer base than any traditional brick-and-mortar store could ever hope for. This function of ebusiness is referred to as ecommerce, and the terms are occasionally used interchangeably.

An ebusiness may also use the Internet to acquire wholesale products or supplies for in-house production. This facet of ebusiness is sometimes referred to as eprocurement, and may offer businesses the opportunity to cut their costs dramatically. Even many ebusinesses which operate without an electronic storefront now use eprocurement as a way to better track and manage their purchasing.

In addition to buying and selling products, ebusiness may also handle other traditional business aspects. The use of electronic chat as a form of technical and customer support is an excellent example of this. An ebusiness which uses chat to supplement its traditional phone support finds a system which saves incredible amounts of time while providing opportunities unavailable through traditional support. By using virtual computer systems, for example, technical support operators can remotely access a customer’s computer and assist them in correcting a problem. And with the download of a small program, all pertinent information about the hardware and software specifications for a user’s computer may be relayed to the support operator directly, without having to walk a customer through personally collecting the data.

Using email and private websites as a method for dispensing internal memos and white sheets is another use of the Internet by ebusiness. Rather than producing time-intensive and costly physical copies for each employee, a central server or email list can serve as an efficient method for distributing necessary information.

In the past few years, virtually all businesses have become, to some degree or another, an ebusiness. The pervasiveness of Internet technology, readily available solutions, and the repeatedly demonstrated benefits of electronic technology have made ebusiness the obvious path. This trend continues with new technologies, such as Internet-enabled cell phones and PDAs, and the trend of ebusiness saturation will most likely continue for some time.In the past few years, virtually all businesses have become, to some degree or another, an ebusiness. The pervasiveness of Internet technology, readily available solutions, and the repeatedly demonstrated benefits of electronic technology have made ebusiness the obvious path. This trend continues with new technologies, such as Internet-enabled cell phones and PDAs, and the trend of ebusiness saturation will most likely continue for some time.

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A reformed general sales tax (GST) that is part of IMF demands to broaden Pakistan’s tax base is set to come into force by Oct. 1, the Finance Ministry said on Tuesday. “There have been ongoing meetings in order to implement the reformed GST by Oct. 1 and there is another one today,” said ministry spokesman Asif Bajwa.

Implementation of the reformed GST is linked to the next tranche of an $11 billion International Monetary Fund bailout programme. The next instalment has been delayed until a World Bank/Asian Development Bank report in mid-October on Pakistan’s aid needs. Pakistan originally aimed to implement the GST by July 1, 2010, but delayed it for three months due to provincial and federal disagreements, now resolved, over how to collect the tax.

Pakistan’s tax-to-GDP ratio is about 10 percent, one of the lowest in the world. Increasing the tax base is a key condition for continuing the IMF program. It is also necessary for recovery from the devastating floods of August. “The international community is not going to be able to pick up the bill for $20-$30 billion or more. We will pick up some of it … but the Pakistanis must raise their own revenue base,” said U.S. special representative to Pakistan and Afghanistan, Richard Holbrooke on a recent trip to Pakistan. The U.S. has contributed approximately $345 million to relief and recovery, making it the largest single donor.

The IMF gave $450 million in emergency flood aid but it was separate from the 2008 bailout programme. The government’s expenditures, a cause of concern even before the devastating floods, are expected to rise further as it tries to begin reconstruction.

Compensation to displaced families alone could be about $2 billion. The floods killed more than 1,750 people and caused up to $43 billion in damage. Pakistan’s economy was already fragile before the floods, and the cost of rehabilitation will likely push the 2010/11 fiscal deficit to between 6 and 7 percent of gross domestic product, against an original target of 4 percent.

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So I had every intention for having a Hollywood post up yesterday but then Matt and I decided to start the thank you/holiday card writing and I was pretty sure my hand was going to fall off by the end of it and writing a blog post just wasn’t in the cards. Anyhoo there was plenty of Hollywoodness to share so share it I will, and go:

  • Starting off this week’s cuteness we have a Dawson’s Creek reunion! Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips went on a stroll with their daughters and the cuteness is just loverly.

Also bringing some major cuteness, little Louis Bullock. Ohmygod this kid’s pout kills me. And the santa hat? Lurve it.

  • In other bebe news, Paul Bettanyy and Jennifer Connely are expecting another kiddo, congrats!…and um yes I know my favoritest family was out and about and being uber cute but I had to give some limelight to the other cutie kids out there, but anyhoo, Jen and the girls: PRECIOUS…In not so baby news, this was the week for splits apparently (yikes!): Zefron and Vanessa Hudgens split, Dex…er Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter filed for divorce and rumor has it Ryan Reynolds and ScarJo are calling it quits too. Man, that is just rough, especially around the holidays….However, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden did just the opposite and got hitched last weekend in a super private ceremony (although there was an elephant?) and apparently the pictures are being shopped around, I can only imagine….moving on, Jillian is leaving the Biggest Loser (adios!)…despite multiple denials, turns out Bea Arthur was in the marines (crazy pants!)…and check out 14 actors acting, it’s weird and bizarre but I’m also very intrigued…

  • In some favoriteness…Ryan Gosling was interviewing by MTV and was asked to read some of the pictures on fuckyeahryangosling and basically he’s adorable and yes. Watch this video and your day will be made.And if that wasn’t enough Ryan, check out his GQ cover and swoon away, swoooon away:

  • In some other favoriteness, Josh and Diane. Where have you been hiding you two lovebirds? And seriously, your cuteness? I lurve it.

  • In Twilight news…

Apparently Taylor Lautner is a Saints fan as he was in attendance and on the field of their last game. And um. Can this boy get any more adorable? I really don’t think it’s possible actually.

  • In movie news…

Thor. The trailer. I sort of really want to see this now.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. The trailer. I’m still torn.

Transformers 3. The trailer. I don’t get it.

Fast Five. The trailer. Paul Walker is still zexy, that’s all that really matters here, my sister would agree.

Golden Globe nominations. Here’s the full list of nominees. Clearly I have a lot of movie watching to do, yikes!

Also, need a refresher of what movies came out this year? This clip shows snippets of them all! So awesome for the movie lover nerds like myself.

  • And in some music news…

Monday night I had the pleasure of interviewing the band Neon Trees. Seriously they were such a fun and lively group (just as I imagined) and it was a pretty laid back and fun interview, which is always great. You can check out the whole thirty minute interview here.

  • In some TV news…

Desperate Housewives. I mean, what the what? Sunday’s episode was just nuts. *spoiler alert, spoiler* basically everyone had some ridiculous secret that was revealed, Paul got away with what he wanted until oh wait, someone shot him (no surprise) and on top of it Juanita found out about Gaby not being her real mom and then a freaking angry mob/stampede broke out and Susan was injured and Lee was hit in the head with a beer bottle or something and Mrs. McClusky was knocked over, I mean just wow, wow. What the eff was this? I can’t decide if I liked the drama or if it was too overboard, the jury is still out. Nonetheless I’m curious to see where it goes from here in January.

Top Model. It feels like the show just ended….wait. That’s because it did. However, our next cycle of model wanabes is coming to our TVs just a mere two months away in February, hurrah! Let’s hope they don’t pick the awkward girl again, oh wait…we know they will. Damn you Tyra for sucking me into this show and it’s predictable, fierce ways.

SVU. I have to admit I was pretty bummed when JJ left Criminal Minds so I have to say how excited I was when I read that she’ll be guest starring on one of my other favorite crime shows, SVU. I mean yes! The bad assery and cuteness (really do those even go together?) is just awesome.

Glee. *spoiler, spoiler* I mean yes, there were actual tears. Matt was trying not to laugh at me as I had tears streaming from my face as Artie walked. It was so sweet and touching and so corny but I could not stop. Brittany’s reaction and Artie’s attitude and just…gah I’m tearing up just writing this, I am such a sap. But really, Sue as the Grinch? Priceless. “Baby it’s Cold Outside” a la Kurt and Blaine, adorable. Coach Beist as Santa? Amazing and touching and more tears, ah, stop it! She GAVE ARTIE THE WALKING MACHINE and then I cried some more. Also, I need these Christmas songs in my collection stat. So um is it February yet?

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Phonetic Symbols:

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is a system of phonetic notaion based primarily on the Latin alphabets, devised by the IPA as a standardized representation of the sounds of spoken language. The IPA is used by foreign language students and teachers and linguists.

The IPA is designed to represent only those qualities of speech that are distinctive in spoken language: phonemes, intonations, and the separation of words and syllables. To represent additional qualities of speech such as tooth gnashing, lisping, and sounds made with a cleft palate, an extended set of symbols called the extensions to the IPA is used.


Occasionally symbols are added, removed, or modified by the International Phonetic Association. As of 2008, there are 107 distinct letters, 52 diacritics, and four prosody marks in the IPA proper.

Phonetic symbols are a great help when it comes to learning to pronounce English words correctly. Any time you open a dictionary, you can find the correct pronunciation of words you don’t know by looking at the phonetic pronunciation that follows the word. Unfortunately, learning the phonetic alphabet is not always the easiest thing to do.

honetics is the study of the way people physical produce and perceive the different sounds we use to create speech. These sounds are called phonemes and are created by the various ‘organs of speech’ in the body, including the tongue, the soft and hard palate, lips, pharynx, etc. Phonetics, unlike phonology, is not concerned in any way with the meaning connected to these sounds.

Phonology is the study of the way speech sounds are structured and how these are combined to create meaning in words, phrases and sentences. Phonology can be considered an aspect of grammer and, just as there are grammar ‘rules’ that apply to the syntax of a sentence and the morphology of words, there are phonological rules, too.

Even in very early childhood, children are said to be able to produce (i.e. they can articulate) the full range of sounds needed to create all of the words used in any world language, yet as language acquisition progresses, those phonemes that do not apply to their mother tongue become forgotten. This is so much so that in later life, if a second language is then attempted, the pronunciation of non-English phonemes needs to be re-learned – this time at a wholly conscious level, as opposed to the ability to pronounce each English phoneme without any conscious thought. Even ‘non-words’ such as ‘erm’, ‘uh?’, etc. use English phonemes.


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· The act of storing goods or the state of being stored.

· A space for storing goods.

· space or area reserved for storing.


The process of storing information in a computer memory or on a devices or disk.


There are two types of storage devices in a computer system:




Primary storage devices are also known as main memory or internal memory. It’s a storage location that holds memory for short periods of time. It’s a memory area of computer where current data is stored. This section of the computer is referred to as Random Access Memory (RAM) and consists of volatile memory chips. Data stored temporary on these devices. As the power supply switched off data store on these devices lost.


Secondary storage devices are also known as non-volatile memory. It’s a storage location that holds memory for desired periods of time. It’s a memory area of computer where every type of data cab be stored. Data stored permanently on these devices. As the power supply switched off data store on these devices do not lost like primary storage.

· An optical disc drive (ODD) is a disk drive that uses laser light or electromagnetic waves near the light spectrum as part of the process of reading or writing data to or from optical discs.

· Some drives can only read from discs, but recent drives are commonly both readers and writers.

· Optical disc drives are part of stand-alone computers.

· Optical tape is faster than magnetic tape.

· It has high capacity and high speed to store data.

· It has the capability of storing more than 1 terabyte of data and transfer of data 100 mb per second.

· Compact disc is also known as CD.

· It is used to store digital data.

· Standard CDs have a diameter of 120 mm and can hold up to 80 minutes of uncompressed audio i.e. 720 Megabytes

· It also has many types that are write-once audio and data storage CD-R, rewritable media CD-RW, Video Compact Discs (VCD).

· A CD is made from 1.2 mm thick, almost-pure polycarbonate plastic and weighs 15–20 grams. From the center outward components are at the center (spindle) hole, the first-transition area (clamping ring), the clamping area (stacking ring), the second-transition area (mirror band), the information (data) area, and the rim.

· A thin layer of aluminium or, more rarely, gold is applied to the surface to make it reflective

· There are pits and lands on CD. Data is stored on pits.

· The change in height between pits and lands results in a difference in intensity in the light reflected. By measuring the intensity change with a photodiode, the data can be read from the disc.

· A USB flash drive consists of flash memory data storage device integrated with a USB (Universal Serial Bus). USB flash drives are typically removable and rewritable, much smaller than a floppy disk, and most weigh less than 30 g (1 oz).

· Flash drives use the USB mass storage standard, supported natively by modern operating systems.

· Flash drive consists of a small printed circuit board carrying the circuit elements and a USB connector, insulated electrically and protected inside a plastic, metal, or rubberized case which can be carried in a pocket or on a key chain.

· Computers access modern flash memory systems very much like hard disk drives, where the controller system has full control over where information is actually stored.

· Flash drives can be defragmented, but this brings little advantage as there is no mechanical head that moves from fragment to fragment. Flash drives often have a large internal sector size, so defragmenting means accessing fewer sectors. Defragmenting shortens the life of the drive by making many unnecessary writes.

· Most current PC firmware permits booting from a USB drive, allowing the launch of an operating system from a bootable flash drive. Such a configuration is known as a Live USB.

· WORM stands for Write Once Read Many Times

· it is available in 5.25 inches with 800 mB storage capacity

· Data on WORM cannot be erased.

· WORM stands for Write Once Read Many Times

· it is available in 5.25 inches with 800 mB storage capacity

· Data on WORM cannot be erased.

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>Maximization of Shareholder Wealth


Q.2. What is the goal of the firm?

The goal of the firm is to maximize shareholder wealth.

Maximization of Shareholder Wealth

In formulating the goal of maximization of shareholder wealth we are doing nothing more than modifying the goal of profit maximization to deal with the complexities of the operating environment. We have chosen maximization of shareholders’ wealth—that is, maximization of the market value of the existing shareholders’ common stock—because the effects of all financial decisions are thereby included. Investors react to poor investment or dividend decisions by causing the total value of the firm’s stock to fall, and they react to good decisions by pushing up the price of the stock. In effect, under this goal, good decisions are those that create wealth for the shareholder.

Obviously, there are some serious practical problems in direct use of this goal and in using changes in the firm’s stock to evaluate financial decisions. Many things affect stock prices; to attempt to identify a reaction to a particular financial decision would simply be impossible and unnecessary. To employ this goal, we need not consider every stock price change to be a market interpretation of the worth of our decisions. Other factors, such as changes in the economy, also affect stock prices. What we do focus on is the effect that our decision should have on the stock price if everything else were held constant. The market price of the firm’s stock reflects the value of the firm as seen by its owners and takes into account the complexities and complications of the real-world risk. As we follow this goal throughout our discussions, we must keep in mind one more question: Who exactly are the shareholders? The answer: Shareholders are the legal owners of the firm.

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